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The PanHellenic goes “Beyond a Scholarship” for its Scholars, and PanHellenic Young Leaders. We are pleased to be launching our “Internship Alliance Program.” 


Having learned from our many successful Mentorship events, we now will be taking their professional interaction even further by connecting our extraordinary Scholars and Young Leaders with exceptional Internship opportunities from leading companies, universities, and foundations all looking for “Great Summer Interns”.


Please apply, below, to either host a Summer Intern, or be a Summer Intern.

"Our PHSF intern brought a lot of joy into our company's legal department and I believe the legal education we provided him over the summer prepared him to be among the top in his class."  

- Eunice Buhler

General Counsel, G2

Eunice Headshot
G2 logo_edited.png

Provide information above for any internships you have available and are looking to fill and we'll either route qualified applicants to your application or select an intern through an internal application process for your open position.

"Interning with a PanHellenic Alumna provided me with an amazing opportunity in my desired career field. I received great experiences and feedback that I will take with me throughout my career."


- Jordan George,

Summer Law Associate at G2

Provide your information above and we'll evaluate your academics and interests. From there, we'll inform you of opportunities that you're a good fit for and proceed with finding you a summer internship!

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out!

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