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PanHellenic goes “Beyond a Scholarship” for its Hellenic community, and we are excited to be accepting applications for our PanHellenic Young Leaders program.


PanHellenic Young Leaders aims to unite young Hellenic professionals for regional events throughout the year, and work with our mentors and other Hellenic professionals to provide meaningful connections throughout our community. We look forward to bringing the Hellenic community together through inclusion, mentorship, internships, and integrity.


We encourage all young Hellenic professionals who are not PHSF alumni to apply using the form below!

"To become a PanHellenic Young Leader, is just that…you will be involved and exposed to top mentorship and internship opportunities that will help develop your integrity and help you lead, and as such, profile also your Hellenic values. Please consider joining the PanHellenic by being a part of this essential Hellenic group that will build professional interaction and experience for amazing young Hellenes."

Robert Buhler

PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation Chairman




By preserving the Hellenic culture, we can inspire future generations to build a vibrant and thriving community



A strong mentorship is a powerful tool that Hellenes will use to grow and achieve both professionally and personally



Integrity is a fundamental aspect of building credibility, fostering respect, and essential for long-term success.



Internships are an essential opportunity for young professionals to gain hands-on experience and develop new skills that launch them into successful careers

Please apply below to be considered for the PanHellenic Young Leaders.

PanHellenic Young Leaders Application Form

Have you ever applied for the scholarship in the past?
Are you a PanHellenic Scholarship Recipient? PHYL is only open to non-scolarship recipients

*The PanHellenic reserves the right to request an official transcript at any time

Upload File

By submitting this form, I agree that all information is correct and accurate. If accepted into the program, I agree to uphold the bylaws of the PanHellenic Young Leaders (PHYL) and the values of the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation (PHSF).

Thanks for submitting - we will get back to you soon.

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