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The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation has distributed over $4 Million in Scholarships to over 550 worthy Greek American undergraduates since 2002. Our Scholars hail from all over the United States and represent over 200+ Colleges and Universities. We support young Greek Americans in all academic fields ranging from Music and Arts to Business and Finance. Each year our class of scholarship recipients are more and more impressive. All of our scholars are not just the future leaders of their fields, but the future leaders of our Greek American Community. 


Since 2017 the PanHellenic has been committed to going "Beyond a Scholarship" for its scholars by hosting an Annual Alumni Weekend. Centered around the Annual Awards Ceremony & Gala, the PanHellenic's Annual Alumni Weekend gives scholars access to quality mentors and other Greek American young professionals who have the same drive and passion for success and Hellenism. It also gives each Class of scholars a chance to bond and create lifelong friendships. 


The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation is proud to go even further Beyond a Scholarship by teaming up with partner organizations and corporate sponsors to help provide our scholars with top-notch internships and year-round mentorship. 

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