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Welcome To Our 6 New Academic Committee Members

With the 2023/2024 Scholarship Application process officially now closed (1/31), the Chairman of the Academic Committee, Dr. Tassos Malliaris, expresses his excitement about adding 6 new members to our Academic Committee, by remarking that, "Aristotle said that 'Excellence is not an act but a habit.' The PH Academic Committee has now assembled a team of 15 Distinguished Scholars to evaluate the applications of talented Greek American students who apply for a scholarship. These scholars evaluate past achievements but mainly search the applications to find evidence for a spirit of excellence that will drive these candidates to additional future accomplishments."

Director of Scholarships, Elizabeth Danielides, states that, "Here at the PanHellenic, we are so thankful to work with such a dynamic and diverse group of Academic Committee members this year. They play such a vital role in our evaluation process."

"Our Academic Committee consists of exceptional scholars, educators, and Hellenes at the top of their field. Please join us in welcoming our new members," Chairman of the Foundation, Robert Buhler, announces.


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