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PanHellenic Class of 2023

Alexopoulos, Christopher.jpg

Christopher Alexopoulos
Oakland University

Christopher Alexopoulos is a junior at Oakland University, majoring in biology. Christopher is a student researcher at Oakland University’s Multifunctional Interface Laboratory of Electrochemistry and focuses on tunable bio-interfaces for small molecule quantification. Additionally, Christopher is involved in student organizations on campus and is secretary for Pre-Medical Society and a teaching assistant for the Honors College. He aspires to become a physician.  Christopher is a member of AHEPA and was a delegate for the 2022 AHEPA district convention.

Allamon, Zachary.jpg

Zachary Allamon
Pennsylvania State University

Zachary Allamon is a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University where he is pursuing a degree in physics. He is a 4.0, Dean’s List scholar who has participated in student government as well as undergraduate research. Zach plans to attend graduate school, with the goal of becoming a researcher in the field of Particle Physics. 

Avrantini, Maria.jpg

Maria Avrantini
Williams College

Maria Avrantini is a senior at Williams College, majoring in economics and minoring in environmental studies.  Maria is passionate about the interconnection between business and environmental sustainability.  She values experiential learning, which prompted her to spend a semester in Iceland to further her studies. After graduation, she will be pursuing a strategy consulting career at EY-Parthenon. Maria was an international competitive ballet dancer.  Through dance, Maria loves to connect with different cultures.

Bilirakis, Stella.png

Stella Bilirakis
Biomedical Science
University of South Florida

Stella Bilirakis is a sophomore at the University of South Florida, majoring in biomedical sciences on the pre-medical track. She is a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College and has received the Dean’s List recognition. Stella plans on attending medical school with an interest in neonatology. Raised in Tarpon Springs, Florida, she remains an active member of her community as president of her local Maids of Athena chapter and participating in church ministries such as choir and Greek folk dance. 

Chambers, Phoebe.png

Phoebe Chambers
Georgetown University

Phoebe Chambers is a sophomore at Georgetown University, majoring in government and minoring in religion, ethics, and world affairs. On campus, she is a member of the Model United Nations Team Conferences Staff, on the secretariat of the North American Invitational Model United Nations, and serves as the executive officer for the Georgetown University Student Association. She is also a member of the Georgetown University Hellenic Student Association and Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization. After graduation, she hopes to attend law school and practice civil rights or family law.

Chiampas, Katia.jpg

Katia Chiampas
Public Health Studies
 Hopkins University

Ekaterini (Katia) Chiampas is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in public health on the pre-medicine track, and minoring in leadership studies. Katia is a varsity athlete on the 2022 NCAA Division III National Champion Women’s Soccer Team. Katia is a dedicated member of her community and parish. She is a volunteer for Project HOPE, is a caregiver at the Hellenic Foundation, and is a proud member of the Nestani, the Gargalianoi, the Evrytania, and the Neo Kyma Messinias societies. Her passions include traveling with family, researching cardiovascular disease and fitness.

Chris, Katina.jpg

Katina Chris
Clinical Psychology
University of Central Florida

Katina Chris is a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in clinical psychology, conducting an Undergraduate Honors Thesis using neuroimaging. She is a Dean’s List and President’s List scholar, a research assistant in two psychology research labs, and a teaching assistant. In her free time, she reads, plays the piano, and practices her French. Katina hopes to continue her research in clinical neuropsychology in graduate school, and to help make psychotherapy more accessible to all populations. At her university, Katina created a study group to practice Greek.

Currie, Xenya.jpg

Xenya Currie
Bryn Maur College

Xenya Currie is a junior at Bryn Mawr College, majoring in English and minoring in philosophy. On campus, she serves as a hall advisor, teaching assistant for the Philosophy of Law, representative to the College’s Honor Board, and interfaith student coordinator. Xenya participates in competitive Greek dance and experiences tutoring in the Greek language. Xenya is passionate about the role of religion in Victorian and nineteenth-century Russian literature. She hopes to become a professor and inspire students, as her professors have inspired her.

Delis, Sophia.jpg

Sophia Delis
Molecular and Cell Biology
University of California–Berkeley

Delis, Zoe.jpeg

Zoe Delis
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Elliott, Nicolette.jpg

Nicolette Elliott
Computer Science and Cognition
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Euripides, Eleftheria.jpg

Elefteria Euripides
Wake Forest University

Sophia Delis is a senior at University of California, Berkeley, majoring in molecular and cell biology and minoring in public policy. She is interested in technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and social impact, as well as using interdisciplinary methods to solve business and engineering problems. She hopes to develop brain-computer interface technology and identify its ethical concerns, and to create policies that increase access to mental health care. Sophia is a member of the Greek American Professional Women’s Society, Berkley Orthodox Christian Fellowship and Berkely Hellenic Student Association.

Zoe Delis is a sophomore at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, majoring in finance and accounting She is a James Scholar at the Gies College of Business School. Zoe is a member of the Illinois Investment Banking Academy and Prime Mergers/Acquisitions. She is involved in the professional business fraternity, PGN, and is the DEI officer for her sorority. She enjoys participating in the Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization and the Greek Young Adult League. She also volunteers at the Greek American Rehabilitation Center.

Nicolette Elliott is a sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in computer science and neuroscience with prospective minors in finance and biomedical engineering. She plays on MIT’s Varsity Women’s Soccer Team and is an undergraduate researcher studying gender disparities in healthcare startups. She is also an active member of Camp Kesem, serving as a camp counselor for children whose families have been affected by cancer. Nicolette enjoys participating in Fanari Camp as a counselor and is an active member of her church ministries.

Elefteria Euripides is a junior at Wake Forest University majoring in communication and minoring in entrepreneurship. Elefteria is an internal market manager for TEDxWakeForestU, a member of the NSLS (where she interviewed Mark Cuban and His Holiness the Dalai Lama), and a member of The Chi Omega Sorority. She is the VP of communications for the WFU Hellenic Society and completed The Girls Who Invest Program at the Wharton School of Business.  Eleftheria is a member of the WFU Hellenic Society and was an active member of a Hellenic competitive dance troupe.

Gentis, Panayiotis.jpeg

Panayiotis Gentis
The Ohio State University

Panayiotis Gentis is a junior at The Ohio State University, majoring in biology on the premed track, and minoring in modern Greek studies. He is in the University Honors program and the vice president of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship OSU chapter, and the OCF chairman of the Sigma Epsilon Phi Greek Orthodox social fraternity. Panayiotis also works as an operating room assistant where he scrubs in and assists in surgery. He teaches Greek dance at St. Demetrios Orthodox Church in Warren, Ohio and volunteers at their summer Greek Festival.

Goerge, Christian.jpeg

Christian George
Computer Science
University of Michigan

Christian George is a senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in computer science and minoring in international minor for engineers, pursuing both BSE and MSE degrees. He has interned as a software developer at MathWorks. As the developmental vice president of the Engineering Global Leadership program and a Tauber Fellow in the Tauber Institute for Global Operations, he bridges the gap between culture, business, and engineering. Christian is the spiritual chair of the University of Michigan's Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization and is active in the Hellenic Student Association.

Iliadis, Elena.jpg

Elena Iliadis
Georgetown University

Elena Illiadis is a senior at Georgetown University, majoring in neurobiology and modern Greek who has been admitted to the Georgetown University’s School of Medicine. Elena is a research assistant in a neuroscience lab studying learning/memory. She is president of Best Buddies, an organization for inclusion of individuals with disabilities, a member of the Georgetown Hellenic Association, and secretary for Georgetown’s premiere a cappella group. Elena interned in Greece for the Center for Clinical and Epidemiology Outcomes Research, coordinating a vaccine clinical trial network across the EU.

Kalatzis, Raphael.jpg

Raphael Kalatzis
Mechanical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania

Raphael Kalatzis is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in mechanical engineering, where he works at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Paideia Program. In high school, he was elected class officer & vice president. He founded an organization to provide free tutoring to middle school students. Raphael placed first in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Houston. He volunteers at his church’s Greek festival yearly, participates in GOYA retreats regularly and is a tonsured reader in the Church.

Kallioras, Kirka.jpg

Kirka Kallioras
Northwestern University

Kekekampos, Andreana.jpeg

Andreana Kekempanos
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Krontiris, Yianni.jpg

Yianni Krontiris
Biological Sciences
Drexel University

Kyridou, Maria.jpeg

Maria Kyridou
The Ohio State University

Kirka Kallioras is freshman at Northwestern University, majoring in economics and international studies and minoring in French. Kirka experienced the differences between two economies and cultures, being born and raised in Greece. Inspired by bringing diverse individuals together, she is president of the South Area Council and Analyst in the Investment Management Group. Kirka is also a member of the Dance Marathon Development, Alumni Relations Committee and the Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization.

Andreana Kekempanos is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in psychology and minoring in business.  Andreana attended Loyola University Chicago, where she was named to the Dean's List of the College of Arts and Sciences during her Freshman year. With perseverance and diligence, Andreana is putting her best effort to achieve her goal of becoming an Optometrist. Andreana connects with her Hellenism through participating in the Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization, the Hellenic Student Association, and in her church’s Greek dance troupe.

Yianni Krontiris is a freshman at Drexel University, majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in psychology. Yianni has worked with the Swarthmore College Program for Biology, where he was acknowledged in a research paper for studying planarian behavior. Yianni proudly participates in the Pontian dance group of Akritai Philadelphia. He is a Byzantine Chantor in training and an altar boy.  Yianni also is an active member of the Pan Macedonian Youth organization, Sons of Pericles, and AHEPA.

Maria Kyridou is a sophomore at Ohio State University, majoring in criminology and sociology. Maria, who was born and raised in Greece, is part of the university's rowing team, winning the Big Ten championship last year. Maria’s team won the 1st varsity 8+ in that competition.  She is also part of the Greek National Rowing Team and the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki, winning athlete of the year 2018-2021. Maria is a decorated World and Olympic Champion for Greece placing 5th at the Tokyo Olympics, 2021 and 1st place at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, 2018.

Makrygiannis, Kostadina.jpg

Kostadina Makrygiannis
Business Administration
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Kostadina Makrygiannis is a junior at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, majoring in business administration and minoring in environment. She is active on campus serving on the Executive Board of Phi Chi Theta, a professional business and economics fraternity, and as a member of MECC Consulting, Hellenic Student Organization, and Club Tennis. Kostadina is pursuing a career in strategy consulting and will be interning this summer as a business analyst at Treacy & Co. in Chicago.  Kostadina is an active member of the Young Adult League at her church.

Mikos, Georgios.jpg

Georgios Mikos
Chemical Engineering
Stanford University

Georgios Mikos is a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in computer science. His family hails from Crete and Thessaloniki, and the summers spent in Greece comprise his formative childhood experiences. Georgios is fluent in Greek, and he is an avid tavli (backgammon) player trained alongside experts on the island of Crete. He enjoys Greek food and healthy debates. He aspires to become a physician-scientist pursuing molecular-level research on healthcare innovation.

Nicholson, Efstratia.png

Efstratia Nicholson
Dartmouth College

Tula Nicholson is a sophomore at Dartmouth College, majoring in government.  Tula is a managing editor for the Dartmouth Law Journal, an under-secretary-general for DartMUN and a writer for the Dartmouth Apologia. She has interned for the NJ Superior Court and NJ Attorney General’s Office. Tula’s passion for Hellenism shines through her love of dance.  She is a member of the St. John Theologian dance team competing in various festivals throughout the year, a member of the Metropolitan Society of Kardamylians and a member of Dartmouth’s Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization.

Orfanos, Dimitrios.jpeg

Dimitrios Orfanos
Chemical Engineering
Northeastern University

Dimitrios Orfanos is a senior at Northeastern University majoring in chemical engineering. He has experience working in renewable energy research and pharmaceutical process development. Dimitri hopes to find solutions for issues like energy usage, sustainability, and global health. Dimitri is a member of the Northeastern University Hellenic Society. At Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in New Rochelle, NY, he participates in various charitable events including a Midnight Run program, and in providing food, clothing and personal items to the homeless.

Paliyannis, Christina.jpg

Christina Paliyannis
The Ohio State University

Papageorgiou, Anastasia.jpg

Anastasia Papageorgiou
User Experience Design
University of Michigan

Pastos, Raphaella.jpg

Raphaella Pastos
Early Childhood Education
Bridgewater State University

Patrikios, Peter.jpg

Peter Patrikios
Political Science & Business Administration
University of California – Berkeley

Christina Paliyannis is a senior at The Ohio State University, majoring in finance and minoring in economics. She is on the University’s Dean’s List and is a teaching assistant in the Finance Department at the Fisher College of Business. She was born in Rhodes, Greece and moved to Canton, Ohio when she was nine years old. She aspires to work in wealth management.  Christina is an active member of the Sigma Epsilon Phi organization promoting Hellenic culture and Orthodox faith.

Anastasia Papageorgiou is a junior at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, majoring in modern Greek, arts and ideas in the humanities, UX design and computer science. She is an active member of the Residential College, and also works as a resident advisor. Anastasia blends her passion for dance with her love for vocal music as an instructor and counselor at the Interlochen Performing Arts Summer Camp for high school choirs. She is a member of Daughters of Penelope, AHEPA, and Ann Arbor St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Philoptochos.

Raphaella Pastos is a senior at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, majoring in early childhood education and Spanish, and minoring in teaching English as a second language. During the fall 2022 semester, she studied abroad in Seville, Spain where she conducted honors thesis research in schools, examining and comparing international bilingual education. Raphaella has a passion for teaching and aspires to promote equitable access to universal quality education.  She has taught Sunday school and created lessons for the students, and was an active member of GOYA.

Peter Patrikios is a senior at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in political science and business administration and minoring in German, and working towards a certificate in entrepreneurship and technology. He will be interning in management consulting this summer. He hopes to attend graduate school in Europe and take advantage of his Greek citizenship to spend part of his professional life in Greece. Peter connects with his Hellenic roots through volunteering at his church’s festival yearly and is an active member of the Pan-Cretan Association of America.

Pelekasis, Sophia.jpg

Sophia Pelekasis
Vocal Performance (Opera)
The Juilliard School

Poulopoulos, Angelia.jpeg

Angelia Poulopoulos
The Ohio State University

Prevas, Kosta.jpg

Kosta Prevas
Sports Management
Grand Canyon University

Robinson, Emma photo.JPG

Emma Robinson
Public Management, Leadership, and Policy
The Ohio State University

Sophia Pelekasis is a sophomore at The Juilliard School, majoring in vocal performance Opera. She has sung the Greek and American national anthems at various prestigious venues such as the US Capitol, National Institute of Peace, World War II Memorial, the American Embassy in Greece, the Greek Embassy, and for Hellenic organizations, including AHEPA, Daughters of Penelope, Prometheus, and the American Hellenic Institute. Sophia is the vice president of the Byzantine Student Union and senator for the Benjamin T Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art.

Angelia Poulopoulos is a senior at The Ohio State University, majoring in neuroscience and minoring in modern Greek and business. She has been the secretary and event chair of Kappa Kappa Gamma, treasurer of the Alumni Advancement Ambassadors, and a member of Universal Health Aid and Sigma Epsilon Phi, a Greek Orthodox student organization. Angelia enjoys volunteering at the Columbus Metropolitan Library and Grant Medical Center. She hopes to attend medical school to become a physician and healthcare advocate.

Konstantinos (Kosta) Prevas is a sophomore at Grand Canyon University, majoring in sports management. He is a summer camp counselor at St. Nicholas Ranch through the Metropolis of San Francisco and is involved in the youth ministry at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona, including chanting. Kosta will be transferring to Hellenic College Holy Cross to further his Hellenism through education.

Emma Robinson is a sophomore at The Ohio State University, majoring in business administration with a logistics management specialization and a minor in public policy, in the Morrill Scholarship Program. She manages the university’s wrestling team and is on the executive board of Sigma Epsilon Phi. Emma is an active member of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization, YAL, and volunteers at her church’s Greek festival and participates in a Greek dance group yearly.  Emma participated in Ionian Village and the CrossRoad program at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.

Romac, Nina.png

Nina Romac
Loyola University Chicago

Nina Romac is a junior at Loyola University Chicago, majoring in nursing. Through her Orthodox faith, Nina has had the value of helping others instilled in her at a very young age which led her on the path of nursing.  Nina is the Hellenic Cultural Director for Loyola’s Hellenic Student Association and an active member of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization.  She also enjoys participating as a camp counselor at Fanari and as a camper at Ionian Village.

Skoulikaris, Kelly.jpg

Kelly Skoulikaris
Public Policy
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Kelly Skoulikaris is senior at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, majoring in public policy and minoring in business and modern Greek. She hopes to pursue a career at the intersection of policy, environment, and business and plans to become a lawyer. Her passion for policy began through her participation on her high school and university policy debate teams where she has earned numerous individual and team awards. Kelly is a member of her university’s Hellenic Student Association, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and the Pancretan Youth Association of America.

Soutos, Jaime.jpeg

Jaime Soutos
Music Education
Penn State University

Jaime Soutos is a junior at Penn State University, majoring in music education. She hopes to pursue a career as a high school string orchestra teacher. Growing up in a Greek family, Jaime was given many opportunities to value her culture, education and the arts. After Jaime’s sister passed away suddenly, it changed life for the family. Jaime’s mom started Jaime on the violin at age 4. Music was the one thing that helped Jaime come out of her shell throughout school along with being an active member in GOYA at her church.

Theophanous, Andrew.png

Andrew Theophanous
University of Pittsburgh

Andrew Theophanous is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in bioengineering and minoring in chemistry. He aspires to engineer devices to improve people’s health and well-being. He grew up learning the Greek language at his childhood parish, St. John the Forerunner in Boardman, Ohio, where he is an organist and choir member. He earned his Eagle Scout Award in the Boy Scouts of America and volunteers to help the poor and elderly through the Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization.  In his free time, he enjoys programming.

Tsioulias, Anna.jpg

Anna Tsioulias
Georgetown University

Tufariello, Michaella.jpg

Michaella Tufariello
Music – Double Bass
The Juilliard School

Vainikos, Sofia.jfif

Sofia Vainikos
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Vasilopoulos, Angelos.jpeg

Angelos Vasilopoulos
Loyola University

Anna Tsioulias is a sophomore at Georgetown University, majoring in biology and minoring in journalism with aspirations to become a physician. She volunteers in the pediatric unit at MedStar Hospital, is an editor for the Georgetown Scientific Research Journal, tutors modern Greek to undergraduates, and teaches math to public school students. Anna also conducts research at the Chung Lab, where she focuses on verifying γ-OHPdG, a DNA adduct, as a prognostic biomarker of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) recurrence through testing patient blood samples.

Michaella Tufariello is a sophomore at The Juilliard School, majoring in music and double bass. Michaella is a classical bassist from Long Island, New York, where she studies under Professor Timothy Cobb, principal bassist of the New York Philharmonic and chair of the Double Bass Department at Juilliard. Michaella frequently performs with The Juilliard Orchestra in major concert halls such as Carnegie Hall and Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. She honors her Greek and Italian heritages through her musical artistry.  She enjoys singing in the choir at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption in NY every Sunday and during Holy week.

Sofia Vainikos is a senior at Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in chemical and biomolecular engineering with a focus on biotechnology, and minoring in public policy. On campus, she enjoys doing cancer detection research, STEM advocacy engagement, and Hellenic organization involvements.  Her passion for using cutting-edge science to improve lives guided her to internships at large pharmaceutical developers.  Sofia aspires to continue connecting patients to life-saving treatments and to formulating policies advocating for better access to such treatments. She aspires to become a physician.

Angelos Vasilopoulos is a senior at Loyola University, majoring in statistics. In his free time, he likes to listen to classical music, play ping-pong, and watch movies. Angelos is passionate about educating and interacting with Hellenic youth. He recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book, The Paper Girl, published in both Greek and English, that has sold to bookstores, schools, and libraries in the U.S. and Europe.

Venetoulias, Lucas.jpg

Lucas Venetoulias
Mathematics – Computer Science
University of California San Diego

Lucas Venetoulias is a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego, majoring in mathematics, computer science and economics, and minoring in music. Fluent in English, Greek, Italian, and Spanish, he has been exploring relationships among different cultures in Europe and Latin America through in-depth academic studies and extensive travels. Lucas is a competitive soccer player, and an accomplished musician in cello and composition. Lucas aspires to found a company in applied science and technology.

Vlachos, Victoria.jpg

Victoria Vlachos
Human Biology, Health, & Society
Cornell University

Victoria Vlachos is a freshman at Cornell University studying human biology, health, and society. She is a pre-medical student who enjoys volunteering at a local nursing home in Ithaca, tutoring, reading, and spending time with her sorority, Pi Beta Phi. During high school, she was very involved in activities, including Greek Club and Cross Country. Victoria grew up attending day school at William Spyropoulos, and is eternally grateful for her Greek heritage and the Greek language she grew up speaking.

Walters, Nestor.jpeg

Nestor Walters
Stanford University

Nestor Walters is a senior at Stanford University, majoring in mathematics and minoring in creative writing.  Nestor was born in Bangladesh and raised in Greece to an American father and Greek mother. After high school, he moved to the U.S. and served ten years in the U.S. Navy. Nestor was a staff writer for the Stanford Daily, and wrote multiple articles that drew on his Hellenic ancestry and influences to spread Hellenism.

Xides, Mela.jpg

Mela Xides
Landscape Architecture
University of Georgia

Mela Xides is a senior at the University of Georgia, majoring in landscape architecture and minoring in historic preservation. Having a pilot as a father, Mela loves to travel.  She is passionate about her values of family, Greek heritage, and academics. Mela is an active member of UGA’s Orthodox Christian Fellowship organization and Greek Dance.

Zaromitidis, Nikolaos.jpg

Nikolaos Zaromitidis
Civil Engineering
Purdue University West Lafayette

Nikolaos (Niko) Zaromitidis is a sophomore at Purdue University, majoring in civil engineering and minoring in building information and modeling and entrepreneurship certificate. Niko is president of the Purdue Hellenic American Leadership Council. Niko is driven to be a lifelong learner with intentions of helping his community while bettering the world. He believes those who have knowledge should share it, and will continue to mentor others.

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