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PanHellenic Class of 2008

Apostolou. Dakotah Joseph.jpg

Dakotah Joseph Apostolou
Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

Dakotah is studying at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. His architectural interest is generating self supporting ecosystem restoration, sustainable development, combing architecture and agriculture, and creating economic rejuvenating reuses of waste materials. His career goal is to begin the multidiscipline design firm Exponential Evolution. 

Bouzeos, Deborah Anne.jpg

Deborah Anne Bouzeos
Biblical Archaeology and Political Science, Wheaton College

Deborah attends Wheaton College and majors in Biblical Archaeology and Political Science. She is involved in her church youth group and in local missions and outreaches. Recently, she was awarded a National Merit Commendation, a Bank of America Recognition in English, and a leadership scholarship for her work in the fellowship of Christian Athletes, as well as distinguished as being in the top 5% of her class.

Chryssavgis, Julian.jpg

Julian Chryssavgis
Legal/Political Studies, Bowdoin College

Julian was early diagnosed with cerebral palsy (spastic quadriplegia). He has been educated in schools of New England, overcoming every disability both academically and athletically. Over the past year, he has been accepted to prestigious legal and political internships at the highest level, including in Washington D.C., hoping to serve the community in these capacities upon graduation. Julian is registered at Bowdoin College.

Cucuras, Maria Tsambika.jpg

Maria Tsambika Cucuras
Molecular &Cellular Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Maria’s professional aspiration for the future is to pursue the career of optometry. She is currently majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Outside of the classroom she is heavily involved in the Orthodox Christian Fellowship on campus and signs in the Concert Choir. She has received distinction such as: James Scholar Award, Illinois State Scholar, Indian Prairie Scholar and Big Sister Peer Award.

Fountas, Dimitri John.jpg

Dimitri John Fountas
Biological Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dimitri is attending the Honors College at the University of Illinois at Chicago and majoring in Biological Studies. He plans on attending medical school and becoming a pediatrician. In high school, he was elected president of the National Honor Society, attended Premier Boys State of Illinois, was one of Fenton’s Finest, received the Principal’s Award, Presidential Award for Educational Excellence, Board of Education Fenton Scholar Award, Fermie Lab Science Award, and was valedictorian of his class of 349 students. He was also an Illinois State Scholar and was nominated for the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award in Writing.

Guliadis, Christina.jpg

Christina Guliadis
Psychology and Spanish, George Washington University

Christina attended Syracuse University as a freshman and then she transferred to George Washington University. She is double majoring in Psychology and Spanish. At Syracuse University, she was invited to the Honors College and named to the Dean’s list both semesters. After graduating college, she plans to attend graduate school for forensic psychology and hopes to untimely work with a government agency. She enjoys writing and performing comedy routines, reading, traveling and photography.  

Krugliak, Noa.jpg

Noa Krugliak
Biological Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Noa attends the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry and her dream is to become a medical doctor. She engages in scientific research in computational investigation of the structure of the unfolded state of cancer-related proteins. She is currently taking part in an Emergency Medical Technician Program. Tae Kwon Do is a great part of her life. She was the Israeli champion for eight years in a row and participated in the Junior World Championships in Crete in 2002.

Kyriacou, Christianna.jpg

Christianna Kyriacou
Print Journalism, University of Southern California

Christianna is both a Presidential and Annenberg Scholar at the University of Southern California (USC). She attends the USC Annenberg School of Communication, where is majoring in Print Journalism with a minor in Communication Law. She plans to attend law school and become a journalist, mediator or public interest attorney. She was awarded with the Jason Nonis Community Service Award for the 2007 Greek-Orthodox basket season and Outstanding Achievement Senior Awards in English, Mathematics, Advanced Photography, and Journalism.

Lillios, Nicholas Paul.jpg

Nicholas Paul Lillios
Political Sciences and Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A graduate of the Glenbrook Academy of International Studies, Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, IL, Nicholas was named an AP Scholar with Distinction, an Illinois State Scholar, and inducted into the National Honors Society. He is now a sophomore in the honors program at the University of Madison-Wisconsin, where he studies political science and biology. Furthering his interest in politics and health policy, he was interned in Washington, D.C. for Senator Paul Sarbanes, and in Chicago for Congressman Rahm Emmanuel.  

Louloudis, Yanni.jpg

Yanni Louloudis
International Business, Northeastern University Boston

Yanni attends Northeastern University in Boston, concentrating in the aspect of international business, a field that will allow him to travel the world and become more enlightened of other cultures. He received the 4.0 scholastic award upon graduation for maintaining 4.0 GPA all throughout his high school career. He was inducted in the National Honors Society, Tri-M Music Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society and Math Honors Society. He was also involved in the GOYA at his church where he was the treasurer for two years.

Mannino, Gabrielle Nicole.jpg

Gabrielle Nicole Mannino
Biology, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Gabrielle would like to become an ophthalmologist. The University of Wisconsin, Madison has provided the springboard for her to achieve such a dream. As a Medical Scholar and a student in the Honors Program, she is aware of the vast opportunities she has been given and will continue to embrace challenges and to work at the best of her ability as she pursues a major in biology. She hopes to preserve the legacy of the ancient Hellenes, becoming her harshest critic in realizing that there is always room for improvement.

Menegas, William Sam.jpg

William Sam Menegas
Biological Systems, University of Chicago

William has been accepted at the University of Chicago. He served as an altar boy at his local church for ten years. He was a varsity swimmer and the captain of the water polo team at the William Fremd High School. He graduated with honors at the top of his class, scored a perfect 5 on five different AP tests. Upon graduation he plans to attend medical school.

Meris, Ypapanti N..jpg

Ypapanti N. Meris
Biology, Youngstown State University

Ypapanti studies at the Youngstown State University, majoring in Biology with a minor in chemistry. She plans to attend medical school at the Northeastern Ohio State University of Medicine. Following her graduation from medical school, she has aspirations of becoming a neurologist. She was valedictorian of her high school class and has been on the Dean’s List at Youngstown State University several times. She has been a member of the Nisiotika Dance Group sponsored by the Archangel Michael Church in Campbell for twelve years.

Michael, Stephanie Ann.jpg

Stephanie Ann Michael
Finance and Economics, University of Maryland

Stephanie attends the University of Maryland. She was named a national merit Scholarship Finalist/Winner with help from her 1590 out of 1600 in the SATs. She won the Maryland Distinguished Scholar Award, AP Scholar with Distinction and the certificate for meritorious Community Service. Valedictorian, she graduated with the honors of being the Vice-President of the National Honor Society, and a member of the Spanish National Honor Society and MU Alpha Theta National Math Honor Society. She won the Scholar Athlete of the Year Award for the highest GPA of all varsity athletes.

Papagiannis, Paulena Grace.jpg

Paulena Grace Papagiannis
Liberal Arts and Vocal Performance, Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music 

Paulena is currently studying both the liberal arts and vocal performance at Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music. She intends to pursue a career that involves not only being a performer, but also analyzing the larger global impact of the performing arts. She volunteers as a music therapists and Music Appreciation class teacher at the Murray Ridge Center for mentally and physically disabled students. She is the treasurer of both the Murray Ridge/Oberlin College Alliance and the Oberlin Musical Theater and has assumed the role of Student Liaison Delegation Coordinator with the organization Witness for Peace.

Papamarkakis, Kostas Emmanuel.jpg

Kostas Emmanuel Papamarkakis
Biology and Health Science, Northeastern University Boston

Kostas ranked 10th in his high school class of 520 students. He graduated with honors and with roughly 1000 hours of clinical volunteering experience. He currently attends the Northeastern University in Boston, where he is working to obtain dual degrees, one in Biology and the other one in Health Science. He has collaborated his research projects with the New England Medical Center and Tufts University and he is in the process of publishing three of his papers. He plans to enter medical school and become a physician.

Proussaloglou, Ellie Maria.jpg

Ellie Maria Proussaloglou
Genetics and Public Policy, Duke University

Ellie is a student at Duke University, where she plans to double major in genetics and Public Policy. She plans to pursue a medical degree and become a physician and eventually combine her love of biology and public policy by working for the World Health Organization. She ranked 6 out of 611 in her high school class with a weighted grade point average of 5.91. She has been a National AP Scholar, an Illinois State Scholar, Aspire to Inspire Award Recipient, she received the William College Book Award, she was Co-Vice president in the national Honors Society and she has been in the Dean’s List 9th through 12th grade. 

Robidoux, Alyssa-Marie.jpg

Alyssa-Marie Robidoux
Business Administration, Bryant University

Alyssa-Marie entered her sophomore year at Bryant University this fall. He major is Business Administration with a Marketing concentration and minor in Legal Studies. She is in the Honor’s Program at Bryant University making the Dean’s list both semesters in freshman year. She was inducted in the National Honor Society for 2006-07 and received the Most Improved Athlete Award for NHS Girls Swim & Dive Team 2006-07 Season. She is a member of College’s Against Cancer and frequently participates in various fundraisings for organizations, such as Help for Abused Women and Children. 

Roidi, Margaret Maria.JPG

Margaret Maria Roidi
Media and Professional Communications, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Margaret received her Associates degree in Cinema Studies at Bergen Community College as she pursues her dream to become a filmmaker. She is currently attending Fairleigh Dickinson University with the objective of completing her studies in the field of Media and Professional Communication, while minor in Fine Arts. She has received a Leadership Award, the Arts & Humanities Divisional Award for Liberal Arts and Cinema Studies, she was in the National Dean’s List for three years, 2007 class Valedictorian, and served as a volunteer in many community projects.

Strzelecki, John Joseph.jpg

John Joseph Strzelecki
Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

John is an Undecided Engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He finished his high school career with a 4.241 GPA. John is involved in his school as a Math Tutor, Peer Teacher, member of the Beta Kappa Pi Honor Society, members of the school choir, and two sport varsity athlete. He is very involved in the church, chanting Byzantine hymns weekly, is an active GOYA member and acolyte captain, and has attended Fanari, Junior Olympics and the Crossroad Program.

Tassis, Elisabet Katerina.jpg

Elisabet Katerina Tassis
Bio-Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University

Elisabet at age 17 completed a competitive internship with the Food & Drug Administration at the National Institute of Health and published a scientific abstract in the journal of the American Society of Hematology. At high school, she was inducted in five honor societies including the National Society of High School scholars. Elisabet graduated as a Valedictorian in her class. She received the Montgomery County, MD Meritorious Service Award along with the Congressman Chris Van Hollen Public Service Award. She is an established entrepreneur and president of the Alpha Omega Tutoring Survives in support of academics. She studies at the Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Bio-Chemistry.

Tsalepatiotis, Peter Steve.jpg

Peter Steve Tselepatiotis
Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago

When Peter graduated Greek Lyceum in 2008 he was awarded the “Three Hierarchs” Award by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in recognition of his outstanding achievement in Greek language Studies. In high school he excelled in all Honors and Advanced Placement coursed offered, receiving the AP Scholar Award and graduated with honors. His drive to learn, help and lead has always guided him towards success and he hopes to continue this trend at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  

Tsoukalas, Christopher Emmanuel.jpg

Christopher Emmanuel Tsoukalas
Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Christopher studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in Finance. He plans to attend the Northwester’s Kellogg School of Business and a get a graduate degree in investment banking. He is a James Scholar and a merit Scholar at his University. Christopher is also an Illinois State Scholar. He is also on the President’s List at Moraine Valley Community College where he took several courses while still in high school.

Xenophontos, Paraskevas 2.jpg

Paraskevas Xenophontos
Biomedical Engineering, Stony Brook University

Paraskevas is attending Stony Brook University studying Biomedical Engineering. He feels that the final frontier in medicine is the comprehension of the nervous system and his goal is to either attend medical school and specialize in Neurology or receive a PhD in Neuroscience. He is an avid chess player and participated in state and county chess tournaments receiving prizes in the top three places in every one of them. He is highly interested in politics concerning the world, the US, but especially the Cyprus issue and Greece. 

Zervakis, Peter Nicholas.jpg

Peter Nicholas Zervakis
Broadcast Journalism, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Peter is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majoring in broadcast journalism. His interest in this field started to grow where he was in junior high and had four pieces published in a Greek newspaper in Chicago. As a first year student he was named to the Dean’s List and was admitted to the College of Media, the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honors Society. He is also an active member of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship. After graduation he wants to broadcast sports in the city of Chicago.

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