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Remembering our Beloved Founder:
Chris P. Tomaras


Sunday, October 14, 2018 was the 3 year memorial of our beloved founder Chris P. Tomaras. Mr. Tomaras represented the ideals of a true Hellene through his commitment to education and philanthropy. He may have been publicly known for his financial contributions to many organizations and causes, the humility in which Mr. Tomaras accepted and portrayed his philanthropic accomplishments put him in a class of one; it is the giving he did when no one was watching that truly set him apart.

As a genuinely thoughtful person, Mr. Tomaras made it his life’s mission to assist the Greek American Community and the Greek Orthodox Church in any way possible. He provided personal financial support for students who possessed attributes of hard work and the desire to achieve. The creation of the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation further served as a vehicle, in which he would work tirelessly until his death, to accomplish this mission.

Mr Tomaras’ call to action through the PanHellenic resulted in a tremendous response of support financially and intellectually. The result of this selfless giving, by so many, has helped the organization grow nationally at an unprecedented pace.

The continued success of the PanHellenic, an organization he often referred to as his “Child”, is all he would want to honor his legacy.

As the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation moves forward, Mr. Tomaras’ legacy will serve as the compass for the direction of the organization which will most certainly include humility, thoughtfulness and the never ending desire for the success of our community.

May his memory be eternal.

John Sotos, Board Member
Tom Sotos, Trustee/Secretary

A few words of wisdom from Mr. Tomaras to a new class of recipients.

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