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Development Intern

New York, NY

The Hellenic Initiative



Academic Level



Job Description & Requirements

Development Intern

  • Assist Dept. Director of Development and Executive Director with tasks to expand THI's fundraising channels.  Tasks will include:

  • Working with Guidestar to assist THI in earning non-profit ranks of Gold, Silver or Bronze

  • Develop a project plan proposal for how THI can feature Board members' clips about THI on THI social media. Develop a calendar, scripts and plan for roll out.

  • Assist THI with database of donors clean-up and organization

  • Assist in the drafting and editing of THI newsletter and Executive Office memos

  • Develop strategy to assist in expanding THI database.  Do research on wealthiest Greeks, lists, etc.

  • Assist in event planning for THI New Leaders and other events

Timeframe:  Interns will work with THI for a minimum of 2 months.

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